Safe Injectables

Responsive web & native mobile application

The Safe Injectables App (working title) is a project currently being produced for Next Practice. Next Practice is a chain of doctor’s clinics who in their words are creating ‘the most advanced doctor’s clinic on the planet’ by ‘coupling purpose-built technology and genuine compassion.’


Safe Injectables is a platform for the scheduling and administration of injection-based treatments. It allows healthcare professionals (HCPs) to book appointments, learn about drugs and treatments, and walk patients through their injection treatment step by step.


The platform offers a web application for HCPs and a mobile application for consumers.


At first, registered HCPs can view a comprehensive database of information on injection treatments. HCPs who work at Next Practice can see their scheduled upcoming appointments. On the day of the appointment the application walks users through the steps of an injection treatment. This includes allowing HCPs to record patients’ vital signs, see administration instructions and document their administration notes.

For this project, I directed the project and account management as well as the UI/UX direction. The wireframes and higher-fidelity designs shown here have been produced by myself and my design team.


To begin this project my team and I engaged in extended discussions with users and stakeholders to determine their varied needs. Following that, I produced interactive wireframes and draft technical specifications. This was followed by another round of group testing and workshopping to identify and complete the gaps between our mental models.


During workshopping I like to ask open ended questions such as ‘why is this needed?’ and ‘how would this work?’ or ‘what would happen if a user … ?’. It usually isn’t just my own problem solving skills but the combined insights from users and stakeholders that lead to the discovery of the right solutions.


The result of this process has been a successfully delivered first phase of design and scoping which will be followed by high definition design and development in the coming months.

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